Contains no Devils Claw- Buy Now

Fast acting-Legal-not phenylbutazone-safe to use continuously or as a course-used and trusted by professionals 

Superfix Sportmax for all horses involved in training, jumping or intense exercise. To support the horse, Sportmax contains several compounds that may enable multi targeted defense, protection and renewal to hard working parts. Especially useful for older horses and ponies.

A professional strength product, trialed in the yards of Newmarket and Lambourn where results are needed within hours rather than days. Compliant with the rules of racing (up until 24hrs prior to racing) and with the FEI.

Directions for use:- Sportmax can be used a 1 month course -2 scoops daily for 1 week then 1 scoop daily.

Sportmax can be used prior and during competitions. Use 1 scoop morning and 1 scoop in the evening for the 2 days prior and during the competition.

Contains-Plant flavonols and proanthocyanadins.