'I started using Setfree last year towards the end of the season in October. I needed it for a mare (Pewitt Quinto) that could be a little bit edgy and I wanted something which would cause her to relax and concentrate on the job in hand. The effect was immediate, her jumping improved instantly and we have had plenty of success since starting her on it. This morning we have just returned home from Copenhagen where she jumped her first 1.45 metre track, she has also qualified for Horse of the Year Show 2013.
I’ve since recommend this product to my father who trains in Ireland and it has been equally successful on his competition horses'

Anthony Condon

I use Setfree to keep my horses performing at their best. In Mounted games every second counts and Setfree gives us a clear advantage.

Elaine Trevor Jones World champion 2004-5 


Setfree is a palatable, 100% natural formula which helps to settle a horse before a competition or ridden/travelling event. It is one of our best selling products, it is unique because it has been formulated to support normal muscle function.

We sell this product in bulk to racing and endurance trainers to give prior to riding out or before competition. We sell also to many dressage and showing riders who use it 20-30 minutes before a ridden or in hand class, as it helps a horse to ‘stand in line’ for the judge without losing the normal sparkle. Setfree is also popular with many professional showjumping riders who notice almost immediate results.

Contains a unique blend of plant compounds including catechins, chalcones, gallocatechin and theaflavins.

Instructions for use:- Give 30-120 mls per day either as a daily dose for one week or 20 mins -1hr prior to competition/travelling or training.