We use Superfix Performance to support our horses through the training season, on this supplement our horses run better and recover faster. We start the horses on this supplement at the start of the season and continue throughout the flat season, it gives us visual results in a very short time. Hugo Palmer Newmarket  






'I use Superfix Performance to keep my horses moving well, this product helps my horses to compete well in very harsh conditions and hot environments'. Mario Castro Veterinary Surgeon Dubai


The ultimate performance product, contains natural plant actives, visible results seen within days. Used by the top 16% of trainers in the UK. This product will provide support for horses that are failing to thrive in a training environment, especially useful to 2-3 year olds. A must have training aid product for trainers who are trying to produce a horse for a particular race. Provides support for horses running in international campaigns, compliant with all international rules and regulations.

Feed continuously or as a six week course.