Liquid Gold is a high quality liquid supplement containing a mix of 78 minerals and major anti-oxidants such as proanthocyanadins and anthocyanins. Horses travelling and competing require extra support, Liquid Gold is a balanced and palatable easy to feed supplement to aid recovery and give extra sparkle prior to competition, this supplement also relieves aching limbs after working and competing. 

The raw ingredients were sourced locally in Wales, the minerals extracted from the Menai Straits and the anti oxidants sourced from locally grown plants 100% natural, simply the best product of it's kind on the market today. Liquid Gold contains high levels of plant phenolics and bioavailable vitamin C and B to provide an instant energy boost. 

Liquid Gold can be fed daily (30mls) as a supplement to the diet or the day before and after competing at a dose of 60mls. Liquid Gold can also be useful to use as an aid to recovery following illness. A daily dose of 30mls costs  just 88p. 



jane chapple hyam


Mull of Kyloch and Secret Asset are two of our best horses and they run in races all around the world. They both need a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement which gives them a boost and we rely on Liquid Gold to give them an instant and visible results both before running and also when they arrive back at the stables.

Jane Chapple-Hyam. Racehorse Trainer. Newmarket   



Superfix has transformed the life of my daughters pony Sycamore Master Romeo. Laminitis which manifested itself shortly after we had aquired Romeo meant that he had no quality of life. Within a week of starting him on Liquid Gold he was on the mend and with a continuance of the product he went from strength to strength. He is now turned out daily, is ridden most days, competes and wins in dressage, showjumping, hunter trials and show hunter pony. Thank you to Superfix a pony with no future now has a life worth living and seems to enjoy every moment of it.

                            Janine Bradbury, Staffordshire







I feed Liquid Gold before intense exercise or competitions, it helps with recovery and helps to keep them relaxed and moving freely. I like the fact that this product is sourced from the UK. 

                                                                                                    Denise Johnstone Cheshire