We used L6 in conjunction with Respirease for a four year old who we were struggling to train. The L6 helped him to gallop in a comfortable way, he was able to complete his work routine without any signs of distress and without stopping or ‘tailing off’.   In a very short time he was not only ready to run, but when he did run we had the best ever result from him, this has given us (and him!) real confidence for the season ahead.  


Jane Chapple-Hyam Newmarket    




Tip- use 120mls of L6 prior to galloping (replaces banned synthetics) whilst giving a daily dose of Respirease which supports breathing and normal lung function and prevents clogging of the airways. For acute problems use L6 on its own prior to galloping/working or competing.


L-6 can be used as a natural alternative for horses involved in galloping, either in short bursts or over longer periods of time.


Does not contravene current Jockey Club or FEI rules. 


L-6 contains 100% natural ingredients to help maintain normal breathing and respiration. 


Long term use will benefit and support general health.


Give 120 mls before work sessions or 60 mls daily whilst the horse is in training.