I have a mare who is very sharp and nervous when being ridden, I've have tried using oral magnesium calmers but haven't found they worked that well. We were at a show and I was struggling to settle her down when a friend of mine suggested I used a couple of sprays with her InstaMag, I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but went ahead, with nothing to lose and sprayed a generous amount on her neck. It gave her an instant beautiful shine and absorbed really quickly, within 20 minutes she had changed from being wild and distracted, difficult horse into a kind and calm ride. What a result! I felt much more confident going into the  class knowing she wasn't going to pull my arms out or make unexpected leaps over the jumps, or shy at the fillers. This is one product you can't be without!    Amanda Willsley




Spray on mist for the quickest possible result, this product is sprayed onto the neck/ears to be absorbed through the skin, hair and pores. Light Mist (300ml) for sensitive horses. This aerosol is tolerated by even the most sensitive of horses. Continuously mist throughout the day, handy size can be taken and sprayed on wherever and whenever it is needed. Heavy Mist (500ml) for a fast delivery of a 12 ml  in 10 sprays, gently rub into the neck area, the closer to the ears the better and wait for the results in under 20 minutes. Over 4 times faster acting than any other oral magnesium product on the market, closest comparison is 90 mins. Most horses are short on dietary magnesium and there are many magnesium products available but try InstaMag for a different faster delivery.

Especially useful for muscles and joints, spray direct onto any site after a hard work out or after a competition.