Gastrointestinal Problems

Normal therapies are prescription-only-medicines (POM’s) and because gastrointestinal problems are so common there is a clear need for effective, less expensive and alternative methods of management for horse owners. Gastro-g an extensively researched and unique formulation that comprehensively addresses the underlying reasons for gastro-intestinal imbalances in horses. It is easy to use, palatable and comes in a micro-condensed form which is easy to feed. There are many products on the market for use on gastric problems, but none that have the long ethno veterinary history of use, the scientific study and analysis to back up the positive results that can be seen with Gastro-G. Many customers start to use Gastro-G because their insurance cover has finished and they are seeking a natural, effective and long term solution.

Natural Phenomena

Each dose of Gastro-g contains an amount of the raw compound which has undergone rigorous testing to ensure efficacy, Gastro-g is sourced from 100% natural and sustainable raw ingredients. The compounds in Gastro-g are so effective that they have also undergone testing to ensure safety for use; testing has also shown that the compounds are able to promote health whilst being very gentle on the physiology of the horse.

Gastro-G was initially introduced in the world of horse racing where gastrointestinal compromise is common with over 78% of horses affected, with the imbalances causing loss of training days and poor performance. Gastro-G became popular as many of the underlying causes of gastrointestinal imbalances were addressed, with swift, visible results, especially in younger competing horses.


Gastro-G is being showcased at this year’s British Society of Animal Science conference. The latest research project was run by the renowned equine research unit at Aberystwyth University with lead scientists Drs. Debbie Nash and Manu Natoli; using state of the art technology that allowed new testing innovation by the use of their already established intestinal epithelial cell line (Caco-2) that serves as an in vitro model of cell physiology and toxicology

The benefits of using a plant compound is that a plant has multiple mechanisms of action and has an overall effect on health, some plants have a long history for a particular use and with scientific backup these qualities can be explored and refined to produce a more effective result.     

Customers whose use this product often do so because they want to try a natural alternative,





Gastro-g is an excellent natural alternative to the usual veterinary products, it gives visible results within a week, we use Gastro-G because it has a direct impact on the overall health of the horse. This product can also be used for maintenance, it is very cost effective and there is no need to feed any other supplement with it. 


Maureen Haggas Newmarket  



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