Used by Champions 

We've been helping champions for the last 20 years as the photos show. The line up of horses was taken at the legendary Seven Barrows in 2000, home of the Nicky Henderson team with their four Cheltenham winners, from the left Tiutchev, Stormy Fairweather, Marlborough and Bacchanal, since then there have of course been many more. Though our beginnings were in horse racing we now supply to all other fields of competition, our customers buy the products because they do the job they are intended for.  
With the help of experts
Performance horses have many health problems which respond well to the unique formulas we make, we are lucky enough to have access to experts in plant chemistry and animal health through leading research Universities at Bangor and Aberystwyth and we also have access to horses running at top level to trial our products on. This combination has resulted in a unique range of products which give outstanding results.


The Best on the market
There are many supplements companies selling a wide range of formulas making selection difficult for horse owners, our own unique selling point is that each product has been trialled, using the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and has been used on horses running at the top level, under veterinary supervision to give a visible result in 3 days or less.  Another unique selling point is the understanding of underlying mechanisms and the genetic links to the reasons why horses are unable to perform at their best. This experience has helped us to create formulas which are extremely effective.      

Superfix was formed by Carol Michael Phd and Paul Hughes in 2007, after requests from trainers for professional supplements that would work quickly, be effective, safe and legal.
At Superfix we understand how to formulate effective products simply because getting results at the top has been our job for so long, this together with advances made in plant chemistry and  a substantial commitment to innovative research has created to an unbeatable range of products