Our Philosophy

 There are a great many equine supplements on the market but very few companies who have had the hands on experience of working directly with elite horses in a training environment and the added benefit of a well funded scientific research and development programme. The Superfix range reflects our committment to solving the problems that effect performance horses. Superfix has a unique range of products based on a substantial scientific research, the products have been trialled on horses with the problems they are designed for and not in a laboratory, the products are high quality and 100% natural and fast acting. 16% of the top trainers in the world use our products because they make a difference and enable a horse to work to potential, avoiding long periods of time out of work due to injury or the inability to train.   

Safe for competition 

Superfix clients trust us to manufacture supplements that do not contravene the regulations and affiliations of the major governing bodies of horse racing and international competitions. This requires a very special committment to quality and a thorough knowledge of the biochemical make up of all of our products. Many of the plant compounds used in equine supplements are similar to the molecules of banned substances meaning a failed positive is possible unless the manufacturer is trained in pharmacognosy and has up to date trained staff aware of the molecular make up of those items on the prohibited or controlled list.